Techn'Teach: 2013 Lilly Conference
Flipped Classroom for the Sciences

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Who: Dr. Leigh Harrell, Dr. Julia VanderMolen and Dr. Karen Clark
When: Friday March 22nd from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Where: Detriot, Michigan Cobo Hall D2-08

Session Handout: Flipped Classroom for the Sciences pdf format


Using a flipped classroom teaching method as an integrative learning format is an approach that extends beyond traditional academic boundaries and is an essential learning experience for college students. A flipped classroom learning experience combines traditional practices and e-learning. This learning platform was implemented to demonstrate the basic microbiology lab techniques to nursing students at one Midwest multi campus university. A series of virtual laboratory modules were used to teach lab skills required in microbiology. The authors created a series of online video tutorials and mini lectures in which nursing students could learn the required skills and competencies while overcoming such challenges as time limitations, high cost of resources, and lack of feedback often encountered in a traditional laboratory setting.

Session Objectives

  • Participants will learn the basic concepts of a flipped classroom concept
  • Presenters will provide participants with examples and student perception regarding the flipped classroom model and how it enhanced the learning experience
  • Participants will learn the basic technology used to implement a flipped classroom

Flipped Classroom for the Sciences from JuliaHoesingVanderMolen

Example Brainshark Audio Lectures

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