Techn'Teach: 2014 Teaching and Learning
With Technology Symposium

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Who: Dr. Julia VanderMolen
When: March 19th from 1 to 4 PM EST
Where: Allenddale, MI
Session Handout: Time Management with Google Calendar and Blackboard
Session Screencast Tutorial: Time Management with Google Calendar and Blackboard


When it comes to productivity, time management and setting priorities, most of us make the basic mistake - Not writing or documenting the schedule. Good time management skills can help students increase their grades and overall school work performance. By learning to complete assignments on time every time, students will have a better classroom experience. How can instructor and professors help? One option is to utilize technology. A Google calendar is one way to help your students to stay on track. Faculty may consider populating the calendar with relevant information for your students. Things like:
  • office hours schedule
  • due dates and deadlines for homework
  • suggested reading assignments
  • discussion board schedule
  • important administrative dates like last day to drop or Faculty-initiated withdrawal dates
  • end of class virtual party you are hosting in a virtual world

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn the basics of using Google Calendar
  • Participants will learn how to use a .csv file template to create and upload dates to Google Calendar
  • Participants will learn to customize the a Google Calendar
  • Participants will learn how to embed Google Calendar into Blackboard

Helpful Links

Importing Calendar Events from CSV to Google Calendar from Stony Brook University
About CSV files from Google
How to Create a Basic Google
How to Embed into Blackboard

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