Techn'Teach: 2015 GRCC Teaching Day

Backing Up with Backchannels

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Who: Dr. Julia VanderMolen, Assitant Professor Allied Health Sciences
When: January, 2015
Where: Grand Rapids, MI

Session Handout: Backing Up with Backchannels pdf format


Students need our guidance to use virtual platforms for academic purposes. As faculty we cannot rely on their "so called" digital native status to know how and what to do with technology. Just a few years ago, no one had heard of "backchanneling", nowadays, it has become mainstream. Students' desire to participate in the backchannel is increased if they have a sense of community within the channel, which is most easily built through social interactions and shared experiences. Learn the role of the backchannel in a collaborative learning environment.

Session Objectives

  • Objective 1:
  • Objective 2:
  • Objective 3:


Camiel, L. D., PharmD., Goldman-Levine, J., Kostka-Rokosz, M., & McCloskey, W. W., PharmD. (2014). Twitter as an in-class backchannel tool in a large required pharmacy course. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 78(3), 67.

Martin Ebner, Conrad Lienhardt., Matthias Rohs, & Iris Meyer. (2010). Microblogs in Higher Education – A chance to facilitate informal and process-oriented learning?. Computers & Education, 55(1), 92-100.
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