Techn'Teach: 2014 FLTC Conference

Do You Know What is Blooming?

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Who: Dr. Julia VanderMolen
When: August 20th
Where: Grand Valley State University
Session Handout: Do You Know What is Blooming pdf format


Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives for learning has undergone a digital makeover. The Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Pyramid makes thinking about technology tools in this context a breeze. This session will explore how they can be used at various levels on the digital taxonomy to encourage higher level thinking and problem solving. This session will also provide faculty with some creative and innovative ideas for integrating Web 2.0 tools at each level. So come and find out what is blooming in this session and help your students blossom.

Session Objectives

  • Describe Bloom’s Taxonomy and Web 2.0
  • Select an appropriate Web 2.0 tool to address the six levels of Blooms Taxonomy
  • Create one lesson which incorporates a Web 2.0 activity to facilitate student collaboration and learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will gain an understanding how Web 2.0 tools can used to address the six levels of Blooms Taxonomy
  • Participants will learn about a minimum of 3 Web 2.0 tools for each of the level of Blooms Taxonomy
  • Participants will brainstorm one to two lesson to integrate into his/her classroom


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The Featured Digital Blooms Web 2.0 Tools

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Top Three Web 2.0 Tools of the Week

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