Techn'Teach: Digital Citizenship

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Where: Davenport University Wimba Classroom

When: Feburary 10th at Noon (EST)

Who: Dr. Julia VanderMolen

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As technology advances, so do the techniques for abusing it. One of the duties of educators is to teach the learning community about digital citizenship so everyone can understand, address, and prevent technology abuse. This webinar defines digital citizenship, discusses its ramifications on individuals and the learning community at large, and recommends strategies for digital citizenship education.

Cyberbullying-Talent Show

Citation: AdCouncil. (2008) Delete Cyberbullying. [online] Available from: National Crime Prevention Council

Resources for Schools, Students and Families

"identifies the causes and consequences of online harassment". This site includes news stories, research, activities and helpful resources regarding cyberbullying. Canada
"always on, always aware", created by Bill Belsey, President. This site offers resources to help parents and educators understand cyberbullying and how to combat it.

Safe Families
"keeping children safe online". Safe Families offers free internet filtering software and parental controls to help protect children online. Safe Families also provides parents an online safety workshop and guidelines for safe internet use. (Source: Terror in the Classroom. Retrieved on February 26, 2008 from


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