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What's on my iPad? Assistive Apps to Engage all Learners

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Who: Dr. Julia VanderMolen
When: October 9 and 10
Where: Kent Intermediate School District, Grand Rapids, MI

Session Handout: What's on my iPad? Assistive Apps to Engage all Learners pdf format

Session Handout: AT Apps for iPads pdf format


In the digital age, electronics provide a fantastic educational tool. Equipping your student with the right iPad and iPhone apps can enhance his or her learning process. Determining the correct app might seem overwhelming. Technology can be a great tool for students (and adults!) who have learning disabilities such as dysgraphia or dyslexia  that affect their written expression. Mobile technology and mobile apps can become a voice for someone who has none. With the right mobile technology, teachers are finding new and easier ways to open doors for students with learning disabilities. This presentation will help educators to sift through the numerous apps to engage students.

Session Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of features for the targeted augmentative / alternative communication apps from a select group of apps for your facility.
  • Identify and demonstrate understanding of how to pair standardized assessment with iPad® for AAC evaluations, progress reports, and screenings.

What is Out There?

ABC PocketPhonic Lite
Articulation Station
ABC Phonics Word Family
iSpeech Translator
iSpeech TTS
Small Talk Aphasia - Female
Small Talk Aphasia - Male
Small Talk Daily Activities
Small Talk Phonemes
Speak It!
Dragon Dictation
Talking Calculator
Virtual Manipulatives!
Draw Free for iPad
Tap to Talk


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