2018 Living without Limits Assistive Technology Conference

Chrome as Assistive Technology

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Who: Dr. Julia VanderMolen, CHES, Google Educator I and II
Assistant Professor-Public Health, Grand Valley State University
When: May 10th, 2018
Where: Detroit, MI.



Using UDL as a foundation can provide options and opportunities for all learners to engage, participATe, communicATe, and learn. So how do we create materials to assist students to be able to participate in the learning process? Participants are encouraged to bring your own device (BYOD). No device? No problem! Come as you are. Participants will walk away self-created tangible materials along with a digital toolkit of resources for implementATion, for facilitATion and participATion.

Session Objectives

  • Participants will learn the definition and importance of UDL.
  • Participants will learn how to prioritize UDL concern in a current course format.
  • Obtain tips and resources on how to correct UDL concerns.

Session Handouts:

Presentation Handout (Adobe pdf)
Tools to Consider Handout (Adobe pdf)

ipad image of website

Top Three Web 2.0 Tools of the Week

Why do we like Web 2.0 tools for teaching. Online tools and resources have made it easier for teachers to instruct students, and for students to collaborate with teachers and with other their peers